Welcome to Our Lady Jecintho Prayer House!

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Your search for Healing, Hope and Happiness ends here.

Our Lady Jecintho (Queen of Roses) showers the blessings of the Holy Trinity!

What does Our Lady Jecintho insist us to do?

What else would the Mother of God ask us to do!

Our Lady Jecintho insists us to pray for the whole world! She tells us about what is going to happen in this world, right from the road accidents to the air crashes.

Interested to know the type of devotion!

The Prayer Service begins with a hymn invoking Holy Spirit for His Gifts and Guidance and Hymns venerating Jesus and Our Lady Jecintho.

Recitation of Holy Rosary for various intentions according to the situation. The Holy Rosary starts at 4.00 P.M. on Saturdays. Reading, Word of God from the Holy Bible, which is the fullness and unequally inspiring everyone (Bible Quotations will be given by Our Lady to Ms. Rosalind).

While reciting the Rosary Our Lady takes full control of Ms. Rosalind.  And uses her body as an instrument by the power of the Trinity and she prophesies the message in tongues and in different languages.  At that time her voice and facial expressions changes.

She starts blessing the healing with the holy water and giving rose petals. Then She heals the sick, deaf & and dumb, lame and she commands the evil spirit to get rid from the possessed. Console the disheartened people and also blesses the childless mothers.

Individual and Community Prayer.  Praying for one another�s problems, sickness, burden, etc.,

One God eternally existent as three persons, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

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